MINDS Objectives

The main goal of the MINDS project is to contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector in Europe and overcome some of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis. To do so, the specific objectives of the project are:

The MINDS project targets tourism workers in general but specifically focuses on supervisors and skilled craft workforce working in SMEs located in rural or isolated areas. The project pays particular attention to gender equality and addresses differences in relation to the access and use by underrepresented groups to the training programmes that are put in place. The project also focuses on adults with a low level of skills, knowledge and/or competences. In addition, the project is implementing trainings and workshops on COVID-19 safety protocols open to anyone within the tourism sector.

Training Programme

The MINDS training programme consists of three different independent modules. Participants can take one, two or all modules. First two modules will be blended courses with on-line classes and one day face-to-face workshop.

Blended module, 1-day on-line sessions and one day face-to-face workshop.
Digital skills are becoming ever more essential in the tourism sector with the growing introduction of technological innovations that are drastically modifying the ways staff work. At the same time, customer experiences have evolved alongside the rise of technological advancements in the industry. As a result, customer expectations are higher and operators need skilled staff who are able to respond to the demands of more tech-savvy guests. Therefore, employees need to be at ease with digital devices to undertake their job. Upskilling and reskilling of tourism workers is thus necessary for companies of the sector to have a digitally proficient workforce. Also, to ensure the employability and job opportunities of adults within the tourism sector, it is necessary to reduce the digital gap (both at generational and regional levels).

Blended module, 1-day on-line session and one day face-to-face workshop.
As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, some strict safety protocols have been put in place throughout the whole territories in order to promote safe destinations for both tourists and residents. It is therefore necessary to ensure an efficient training of all workers of the tourism industry on such protocols. For European tourism sector to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and for Europe to maintain its competitiveness and leadership at worldwide level, it is necessary for tourist destinations to be smart, sustainable and safe.

On-line session.
The aim of this module is to strengthen transnational cooperation between tourism industry stakeholders


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The members of the MINDS project are dedicated to provide innovation to the tourism industry. As such they directly contribute to the digital transformation of the sector through the implementation of sustainable and innovation strategies. Part of their activities is to actively support tourism SMEs through training, knowledge transfer, mentoring, coaching and through the definition and implementation of innovation strategies. Being in close contact with these SMEs provide them the necessary knowledge to identify their needs and challenges. The implementation of digital and vocational training programmes for employees in tourism SMEs and the dissemination and awareness-raising on safety protocols in the tourism sector is therefore perfectly aligned with the activities of the MINDS partners and respond to the needs of the industry.

AnySolution, S.L.
AnySolution is a Spanish SME that develops strategic methodologies and projects in the field of Research, Development and Innovation. The company specialises in tourism and Smart Cities and coordinates the es.INTERNET technology Smart City Work Group. It is also member of the SmartDestination Working Group in the University of the Balearic Islands, and vice-president and member of the executive committee of TURISTEC (International ICT -tourism cluster) and vice- president of PLANETIC (technological platform on ICT) and also it is member of other international technological platforms. AnySolution is member of the FIWARE community and of AIOTI. AnySolution is co-founder of the Digital Innovation Hub of the Balearic Islands for Artificial Intelligence and Tourism (DIHBAI-TUR), and now it currently manages the technical office of DIHBAI-TUR. AnySolution has been recognised as an Innovative SME (PYME Innovadora) by the National Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

DIH Tourism 4.0
Digital Travel Industry Innovation Hub provides a multidisciplinary platform of research institutions, governmental bodies, clusters and private companies focused on cooperation, information sharing, research and implementation of digital technologies in the travel industry. The key features of the hub are its multidisciplinarity, a wide range of cooperating national and international, public and private institutions, as well as the possibility of utilising unique infrastructures. Partners involved in the operation of the hub retain experts dealing with the future of digital destination management and marketing and new digital technologies in the travel industry in general. We do study and explain the issues not only from a technical perspective, but also from a procedural, organizational, legal, economic or sociological point of view. The hub is a non-profit organisation founded by BizGarden, a private non-profit research company with know how in digitalisation of touristic contents and implementation of new technologies and strategies and business model development, Czech Association of SMEs and the Travel Industry Union which consists of representatives of key private and public stakeholders in the travel industry in the Czech Republic.


The MINDS project has been funded with support of the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.